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DIY Hand Print Clown

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Brighten a classroom or party by making these colorful hand print clowns. You only need simple supplies such as different color craft paper to make them. It’s a great activity to keep kids amused and give them a sense of togetherness as they use their hand prints to make one big clown. You could go very glam with this idea and make it out of shiny gold paper – this would be a good activity for kids at a wedding or even a New Year’s party. There are many other clown crafts you could create too such as balloons, cupcakes and centerpieces. Adults could also make this idea at a work gathering for example as part of a team bonding activity. Messages of inspiration could be written on the hands. The idea could also be used to make other figures such as a Hand Print Santa Claus or Easter Bunny.

Other fun crafting ideas would be to make bouquets from Hand Prints for Mother’s Day, or place paint on your child’s hands to print some very unique art work. The possibilities are endless and you can use a combination of colors as well as materials – for example you could cut the hand prints out in fabric to attach to a quilt or cushion. These are great ways to make customized gifts that would be enjoyed by grandparents and teachers.

Hand Print Clown

This Handprint Clown Craft for Kids is extremely easy to make and kids will love decorating their classroom or party with him.

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