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Clown Balloon Column

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For Circus themed birthday party balloons – this clown balloon column will not disappoint. If you want a fun, bright, colorful clown then you can use as many colored balloons as you want. Start with a foil clown head balloon and then add the rest of the balloons. You can do them the night before the party so you don’t have to waste time on the day. It’s perfect for carnival events – maybe you’re hosting a bridal or baby shower with this theme. You can choose whatever colors you want to incorporate and you can even have it upside down for a more fun look. You can take inspiration from this idea to make other forms for example a Santa Claus balloon column for Christmas or a bunny one for Easter. It makes for a fun guest greeter at your door or just a talking point for the party. One thing’s for sure – everyone will know where the celebrations are at when they see this awesome sculpture.

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