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DIY Bridal Shower Games

    Why bridal shower games?

    Bridal shower games can be a fun way to prepare for a party later, or help you come together and loosen up a little after the gift giving. Moreover, these tremendously fun activities are cheap and easy to put together, in some cases only costing a couple of dollars or remaining free to print forever. So in other words, they’re a great way to pass the time, and require almost nothing of you. After all, if there’s ever a time you deserve to be celebrated, it’s during your bridal shower! So, here are three easy-to-make board games for your next wedding shower.

    Ring Search

    This game is ideal for big groups and can be played both indoors and outdoors. Begin by disguising a set of plastic rings (or any other tiny item) throughout the targeted location. Divide the gathering into teams and provide each team with a series of hints to assist them in locating the concealed rings. The team that finds all of the rings first wins. You may make the game more difficult by including riddles or puzzles among the hints. As an example, you might drop hints about the location of certain rings, add maths questions to solve in order to figure out exact co-ordinates, or even disguise those rings in harder-to-reach places than others, assigning certain numbers of points for certain colors.

    I Spy Bridal Shower Games


    This popular game is ideal for a smaller party and may be played both indoors or outdoors as well. To begin, have the host select an object and provide the group with a list of clues to assist them figure out what it is. “I spy with my little eye something white and fluffy,” for example. The group can guess what the object is in turn until someone gets it right. Of course, these can be wedding or bridal shower themed, like noticing the champagne bottle everyone has had their eye on since attending the party. You may also add a time restriction or a point system to make the game more enjoyable. For example, the first player to correctly predict receives three points, and the person with the most points at the conclusion of the game wins a gift.

    Guess the Chocolate

    This indoors-only game is ideal for a sweet-toothed bride-to-be. Gather a selection of chocolate bars and print out the “Guess the Chocolate” game papers to begin (which can be found online or created using a word processor). Place the chocolate squares in a mixing dish. Divide the group into teams and distribute game sheets to each team. Allow each team to select a chocolate square from the bowl and determine which chocolate bar it is based on the clues supplied on the game page. The team that gets the most right answers wins. You can also add small riddles as explained above, or perhaps even switch out the chocolate option for a vegan snack option, determining what substitutes these foods are trying to represent. If you love a good cheese and meat board then this can be a fun indulgence too, just be mindful of the clothes you’re wearing!

    Get the Printable Bridal Shoer Games Bundle

    Creating your own board games is a terrific way to inject some fun and laughter into a bridal shower with may seem like something of a too-formal event otherwise. There is something for everyone to enjoy, no matter which of these games you choose. Of course, there are many other printable resources at our website too, that may be designed for other events but could fit perfectly in your bridal shower. This is especially true if you hope to bring children to your fun little event, as including more members of your family will always be a worthwhile time. Just make sure you have access to a good printer, and note if the game requires color printing or not – in many cases you may be able to use the black-and-white option only. We hope you have a wonderful bridal shower and an even better wedding day!

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