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DIY Baby Shower Games

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A baby shower is a celebration held in advance of a baby’s birth. It is usually held by a close friend or relative of the expecting woman and serves as a means for her to accept gifts and encouragement from close friends and family.
Having a baby is expensive, and so these gifts can really come in useful. Moreover, it’s nice for a soon-to-be mother to feel special during baby showers, as they get ready for the birth of their new child. They are also a wonderful way for visitors to meet one another and form bonds over their enthusiasm for the new arrival. After all, your close colleagues, friends or family may not really know each other, so it’s nice to bring disparate people together.
Many guests bring diapers, clothing, and baby equipment as gifts to the shower, which may save the expecting parents money and help them be more ready for the birth of their child. But it’s not just about gifts, but sharing a sense of fellow feeling and having fun with one another.

Baby Sock Hunt

The “Baby Sock Hunt” printable is ideal for an outdoor baby shower. Print the game papers, then cut out the sock shapes to get started. Give each visitor a game sheet and hide the socks throughout the appropriate area. A prize is awarded to the first player to locate every pair of socks and match them with the game sheet. You may even add small cryptic clues to help people determine where in the house or garden each sock could be. For instance, you might refer to rooms of the house that have been prepared for your baby in advance, like their little bedroom or the place you’ve picked out for their floor mobile. This can be a great way of adding some life and dynamic movement into your baby shower, instead of solely being sat in a circle for hours.

I Spy for the Baby Shower

This timeless game can be played anywhere, even on the way to another venue for your baby shower, and is ideal for a smallish party. Start by having the host select an item and provide the group with a set of hints to help them identify it. “I notice with my little eye, something that is little and blue,” for instance. Until someone correctly guesses what the object is, the group might alternate attempts. You might implement points, or perhaps discuss Mommy-based items to pick out, like photos of you, purchases you’ve made for the baby shower, or preparation parental manuals you still need to read.

Baby Shower Bingo Printable

This game may be played indoors and is ideal for bigger groups. The “Baby Shower Bingo” game papersshould be printed out and distributed to each attendee. Guests check off things on their game sheets as the presenter reads them out. This could be in reference to the gifts you’ve been given, like parental manuals, stuffed bears, or play mats and crib sheets. It’s a fun way to not only mark off everyone’s gifts and give appreciation, but to inventory the presents you receive so you know what else you may wish to buy.

Get the Bundle

All of these games and more can be found in the baby shower bundle today, so why not give it a try? For only $5.99 you can find an excellent grouping of games, easily printable both in color and not, as well as worthwhile instructions to use in order to keep the games accessible for everyone. We wish you nothing but the warmest and best wishes as you plan to welcome your new baby into the world – and hope these games help you enjoy the best baby shower possible!

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