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Christmas Crafts for Kids

    Yarn Snowman Craft

    Get ready for the holidays with this cute snowman craft. Use 2 balloons inflated. I then dipped white yarn into a Elmer’s glue mixed with a small amount of water. I ran the string through my fingers to remove some of the glue. I then wrapped the string around the balloon in all directions. until I felt like it was covered enough. I placed it onto of a plastic cup and allowed it to dry for 2 days. I then popped the balloons. Using sharp scissors I cut away a small circle of the string from what would be the stem of the balloon. Leaving a 2-3 inch hole. For the bottom balloon I placed it hole side down (You can add an electric tea light or small string of lights) then I added hot glue to the hole of the smaller “globe” and glued it to the top of the larger one. Using felt I gut a length long enough to wrap around the neck of the snowman. I used a rotary cutter and a straight edge to keep it even. i cut the the ends to make fringe. I hot glued the scarf around the neck. I purchased the hat and carrot nose at Hobby Lobby. I hot glued a felt band on the hat and added a square plastic gem to cover where the felt came together. I hot glued the nose in place and as well as tiny black buttons for eyes and mouth. Finally I added 3 button on the body.

    Christmas Crafts for Kids

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