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Budget Christmas Decorations Ideas

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How to make a holiday snowman.

Christmas season is just around the corner so you may be busy with Christmas preparations. There are many simple and easy ideas with which you can make a holiday snowman. Some of those are as follows:

Popsicle Stick Snowman

This is one of the easiest options for you when it comes to making Christmas crafts with kids at home. Help your kids to paint the wooden craft sticks in white and then glue several together in a line. Paint the top part in black and stick a black craft stick across this to form a hat shape. Now you can paint on features such as the eyes and nose.

Melted snowman ornaments

salt, pepper corns, the tip o a crayon, and some fabric. Looks so cute. On my tree 🙂

Snowman Gift Tower

If you are looking for a Creative Christmas wrap or quick decor – you will have so much fun making these! Turned gift boxes into adorable snowmen to wrap gifts. Add tissue paper scarfs and accessories. Top box has a personalized ornament, the second box has p.j.’s and the large box has items specific to the child’s interests. Books are included for each one. Dollar store hats. White butcher paper was used to wrap. Dab the eyes with black paint. Draw the nose with an orange sharpie then glue the pom poms. They will love them! Adhesive felt cut outs for the faces, pompoms for the noses, and store bought hats and antler headbands for the tops. Add little personalized ornaments so each kid knows which one is their’s. Makes for magical memories and fun photo ops.

These are few easy yet very classy Christmas snowman projects for kids that you can make on your own and make your Christmas party look attractive and appealing.

Budget Christmas Decorations Ideas

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