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DIY Valentines Day Party Decor Ideas

    As February 14 gets closer you’ll be inspired by everything to do with love. Bring the romance to your home by decorating with all things heart shaped and red. So get the party started abd create the right mood for Cupid with these Valentines Day Party Decor Ideas.

    1. Heart Shaped Paper Flower Backdrop

    Heart Shaped Paper Flower Backdrop
    With red tissue paper and a chicken wire frame you can make this adorable backdrop for your party. Crumple the red tissue paper and fill into a heart shape in the frame.

    2. Valentines Door

    Valentines Door
    Create door decor by cutting out hearts and words in red and pink paper.

    3. Heart Mobiles

    Heart Mobiles

    Make this hearty mobile by cutting out heart shapes and sticking them to string. Make as many as you like to really adorn the space with romance.

    4. All You Need is Love Centerpiece

    All You Need is Love Centerpiece
    Decorate a tiered tray to make this romantic centerpiece which also works great as a dessert tray. Use heart shaped lights and ornaments to bring the look together.

    5. Love Mason Jar Centerpiece

    Love Mason Jar Centerpiece

    6. Valentines Tree

    Valentines Tree
    Trees aren’t just for Christmas as this image shows. In fact people are using trees for all sorts of occasions such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Decorate a white tree with heart shaped ornaments and red tinsel to recreate this idea.

    7. Jars of Hearts

    Jars of Hearts
    Using either three glasses or jars, fill them with red and silver hearts.

    8. Glitter Bottle Vases

    Glitter Bottle Vases
    To pump up the glam at your party, try making these glitzy bottle vases. Cover the bottles with glue and dip them in the required color of glitter. Finish with bows and add some pretty hearts inside.

    9. Bottles & Hearts Centerpiece

    Bottles & Hearts Centerpiece

    10. Candy Bottles

    Candy Bottles

    11. Heart Garland

    Heart Garland
    Adding a heart garland to the mantelpiece will create a cozy and romantic fireplace that’s perfect for igniting the romance factor.

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