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DIY Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

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If you want to have a magical party then feast your eyes on these awesome Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas which will transport you and your guests to a fairy tale land.

1. Unicorn Piñata

Make your own glittery unicorn piñata with cardboard and crepe paper! Making the piñata craft would be a really fun unicorn style party game!
Instructions Unicorn Piñata

2. Glowing Rainbow Cotton Candy

For a magical treat place cotton candy on a glow stick and watch as it becomes a glowing rainbow.

unicorn dreaming

3. Easy Unicorn Centerpiece

4. Hula Hoop Toss

This fun game is created by painting a cone with sparkly colors and a bunch of hula hoops to toss.

5. Unicorn Pumpkin

If the even is during fall, why not paint a pumpkin white and add a horn!

6. Pallet Backdrop

This is an impressive use of a pallet to create a unicorn backdrop. Simply blow up as many rainbow colored balloons as you can and paint eyelashes onto the board.

7. Unicorn Backdrop

8. Unicorn Cake

It’s easier than you would think to make a unicorn cake – for example a wafer cone can easily become the horn.

9. Unicorn Centerpiece

To recreate this, make tissue paper pom poms in different colors and add a horn as well as other suitable unicorn trimmings.
source instagram

10. Unicorn Cupcakes

The dreamy pastel buttercream on these cupcakes with the little horn – makes these almost too nice looking to eat.
Instructions Unicorn Cupcakes

11. Unicorn Donuts

These fantasy donuts are easy to make but since the horn is attached with a toothpick – remember to remove before eating.
source instagram

12. Unicorn Favor Bags

These super cute favor bags are so easy to make. Simply fill a clear bag with rainbow marshmallows and add little foam horns and ears.

13. Unicorn Favor Buckets

To make these, you can purchase Mini Pails and customize with foam horns and ears to make the unicorn.
Instructions Unicorn Piñata

14. Unicorn Fluff

15. Unicorn Frame

Instructions Unicorn Frame

16. Unicorn Marshmallow Treats

17. Unicorn Party Back Drop

Attach rainbow colored streamers to white ballons to create a rainbow from clouds look.

18. Lollypop Favor

Lollypop Favor
Very simple to make with some craft supplies and lollypops.

19. Unicorn Balloon

20. Unicorn Bucket

21. Unicorn Cups

22. Unicorn Dress

Buy Unicorn Dress

23. Unicorn Frame

24. Unicorn Lanterns

Unicorn Lanterns

25. Unicorn Ornaments

Unicorn Ornaments

26. Unicorn Painted Rock

Unicorn Painted Rock
Instructions Unicorn Painted Rock

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