DIY Board Games

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DIY Board Games

DIY board games are great ff you have some spare time, it’s always fun to make something – why not DIY a drinking game for you and your friends. You could even DIY a personalized monopoly game – whatever floats your boat. So many different themes could be used – let your imagination run free. Materials needed include a Cardboard sheet, Paints, Scissors Glue Pencil & Black Marker and whatever other art supplies you can think of.

Drinking board games.  You can even combine different parts of these game into your own version that is tailored to your friend group.

Made by Chelsea Dixon this is inspired by drunk jenga.

Fun board game to play with a group of friends before a night out or for a night in.

DIY board games for a party can be twists on any games from your youth.

A Painted Beer pong Table is a great idea to add extra flair for your next party

All you need is a marker and and a few multicolor sticky notes for the game above.

Simple yet effective


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