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DIY Board Games

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DIY board games are a peaceful and enjoyable way to spend your time, especially with friends. For example, a fun and silly drinking game in front of your usual board game such as monopoly, or customizing your own Clue-style backdrop can bring with it so many laughs that your stomach will feel sore the next morning. 

All you need to craft a fun game is to bind your imagination to a consistent ruleset and competitive spirit; so don’t be afraid to let your creativity run wild. A cardboard sheet, paints, scissors, glue, a pencil, a black marker, and whatever other art equipment you can think of will be good investments, and they tend to be very affordable.

You may even mix components of these games to create your own version that is personalized to your buddy group. It may seem like games and their rulesets are set in stone, but you get to tweak them for maximum fun.

Let’s consider a few wonderful examples:

Flamingo Party Cards

flamingo party game

These printable cards can be added to any set of playing cards, allowing for a fun mystery puzzle addition to any board game, adding in new and diverse challenges to enliven the experience.

Baby Shower Games

baby sock hunt

A baby shower is a time to unite, celebrate your little one on the way, and enjoy some carefree games like Bingo or a Baby Sock Hunt. With the advice for Mom cards, you’ll also be able to get that essential insight to get you ready for parenthood.

Bridal Shower Games

Getting married may be less intensive than bringing a new little human into the world, but it’s still something to celebrate and plan for. These bridal shower games are a great way to cut the tension of your wedding planning efforts, and look forward to your big day.

Party DIY Board Games

Preparing for a night out, or enjoying a peaceful night in? These silly party games can help you break the ice, get ready for the main event, and bring people together with some great wine and laughs.

DIY Board Games
Fun board game to play with a group of friends before a night out or for a night in.

diy board game

Check out a printable version of above 

DIY Board Games
DIY board games for a party can be twists on any games from your youth.

Pirate Draw

poker board games

Why not combine a new board game with classic poker games that everyone is familiar with?

Beer pong table
If you wish to spice up your poker experience, why not use these excellent board games to add some more fun and flair to the event? This way, long hands don’t have to be boring or labored, they can be fun, dynamic, and always engaging.

Carrot Barons

A fun, dynamic and simple dice game, carrot batons is a fun way to add some novelty to your usual dice role gaming adventure, and is especially worthwhile around the Easter period as you hunt for the bunny and the chocolate presents they’ve left!

printable game

Smack A Fly

printable card game

Everyone enjoys card battle games like Pokemon or other franchised brands, but the truth is that collecting those cards and learning those rulesets can be expensive and more commitment than you wish to take part in. So why not print out your own? With Smack A Fly cards you can bring the turn-based battling fun to your living room table while preparing for a great night out, or to have fun with your children!

Scavenger Hunt

Printing out a few custom stickers and placing them around a couple of rooms in the house can inspire guests to search for each token, perhaps relating to a prize if they collect enough of them. This can be fun for small children and adults alike.

Twenty Questions

Print out the names of a range of celebrities, public figures or fictional characters, and keep them hidden. Use a piece of double sided tape to lightly stick them against the forehead of each guest. Then, each person will get the chance to ask twenty questions in order to figure out who they are, and if they win, they get a chocolate prize. The others in the party are only allowed to answer with “yes or no,” meaning that the person playing has to ask intelligent questions so as not to use up all of their turns. You’d be amazed at how many laughs this game can bring.

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