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Circus Dessert Table

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For a truly epic circus dessert table, think of animal crackers, popcorn cupcakes, peanuts, big top cakes, cotton candy and elephant cake pops. To decorate, include lots of balloons and red and white striped table cloths. Clown cupcakes can easily be made using ice cream cones for the hat. What could be better for a family event dessert table than using a vintage circus collection. For a more vintage look, you could use red frames as trays for the dessert table. Scatter animal crackers or cookies throughout.

You can have fun whipping up the carnival themed treats with the kids or you can buy pre-made ones to save on time. Also you could incorporate a fun cookie decorating table where kids get to decorate their very own circus themed cookies and treats. Don’t forget to include plenty of swirly lollipops to add to the decoration. They are also a quick and easy way to make a centerpiece if stuck in popcorn tubs filled with gumballs. A popcorn making machine is also a great idea and kids will have so much fun watching it.


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