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Carnival Game Ideas for Kids

If you are hosting a circus birthday party – then you will need to feature fin games such as a fish bowl toss carnival game. You can use gummy fish instead of real fish. Think of color schemes like red, turquoise, and gold and accessories like boas and ruffles! A face painter is also a must but you can check out tutorials on youtube if you feel comfortable enough to do it yourself. For a circus inspired dessert table include items like circus animal cookies, a popcorn machine and cotton candy. To make the fish game you can get vases from dollar store and ping pong balls which can be decorated like fish or use a candy like Swedish Fish. You could also use dollar store popcorn tubs as the containers for a whimsical twist. Circus-themed baby shower. Games included a “ring toss” using a Fisher-Price stacking ring toy.

fish bowl toss carnival game

Fishbowl toss carnival game

Fishbowl toss carnival game

Carnival party game ideas

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    1. It was a mix of both really. The bowls and jars can be bought at craft stores or the dollar store. And the decorations can be handmade with cardboard draped with circus wrapping paper.

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