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Beach Hacks Tips and Tricks

Beach Hacks Tips and Tricks

Heading to the beach to build a castle ? Then you’re going to need some Beach Hacks Tips and Tricks to keep it smooth. For example, there are many ways to keep your cash safe – you can hide it in a Chapstick or even a clean diaper to keep thieves at bay. Ziplock bags are your best friend since you can wrap food in them and even keep your phone water safe!

If you’re bringing little ones, you can make them a pool using a shower curtain to keep them cool. Remember to wear sun protection so you don’t burn. So check out these tips to make sure you have the most fun out of your day on the beach!

Use a sheet pulled around your stuff to keep off the stand.

Cup holders made out of PVC to go in the sand at the beach!

Make a Beach Towel Bag With a Pillow. Not only is it a pillow AND a towel, but also it doubles as a way to carry all your stuff.
Instructions  Beach Towel Bag

Hold down your towel at the beach with a bag of sand. Just dump out the sand when you leave and rinse the bag and save with your beach toys or umbrella.

Good to know for this summer.Use a little ziploc baggie to protect your iPhone when going to the beach or boating! You can still use it through the bag without getting any sand or water in it!

Beach safe – keep your valuables, keys, money, phones in an old baby wipes packet.

Make A ‘beach pool’ For The Little Ones – with a shower curtain.

Take some baby powder with you. It’s a quick and easy way to get sand off hands or anywhere else on your body. Just sprinkle the baby powder on your hands and brush them, and the sand will come right off. The powder sucks up the moisture that makes the sand cling.

Get a Twin fitted sheet to go on table. Wind won’t flip this off during an outdoor bbq. Great idea!

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